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Chapter 1297 – Another Invitation childlike distance
The only great news was an Sheng plus an Tianzuo acquired finally given back. Zhou Wen couldn’t stay in Overseer Manor eternally.
“Let me ponder over it just as before. There are some things I haven’t determined yet. I need to be fully prepared,” Zhou Wen said after a little imagined.
“Zhou Wen, is there a solution to reach the Wonderful Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s communication was very direct.
Zhou Wen got Fantastic Skyfiend’s rate and wasn’t more slowly than her. He also possessed spatial proficiency, but he didn’t have temporal proficiency. Except in cases where he may find a temporal skilled like Cave Period to augment his temporal abilities, he would struggle to make it to the Gold Palace prior to when the 7th picture.
“You can’t state that. With the number of previous good examples, the League of Guardians can develop a corresponding plan. It doesn’t means that their toughness is certainly more powerful in comparison to the Holy Spirit a.s.sociation’s. It’s just that the folks and techniques they normally use are simply proper.”
“As longer since you can get on the ratings, there is no requirement to be concerned about other things,” Hui Haifeng said. “When can you go? Any arrangements essential?”
Lastly, Zhou Wen select the Western side District’s Dossier Destination to meet Lord 4th. This tropical isle was very close to the mainland and was one of the couple of islands managed via the Federation.
Zhou Wen didn’t convey to him the venue ahead of time. He only explained to him when and where to travel before informing him the exact area if they satisfied.
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A message alert sounded. Zhou Wen envisioned that this was Liu Yun, but to his astonish, it had been from Hui Haifeng.
“Has it been settled?” Zhou Wen realized that An Sheng didn’t sound content.
“To standard individuals, it’s indeed a whole lot. Even so, into the accelerator, materials highly refined from thousands of crystals are merely enough for 50 percent an attempt.”
“That’s true, however are ultimately too powerful.”
Zhou Wen comprehended what Hui Haifeng suggested. The moment that occured, countless folks would expire out of the many factions eager for supremacy. The people battling the best were standard folks.
Zhou Wen experienced already tried very often in-video game. It had been tricky to get to the Wonderful Palace by relying solely on pace.
Zhou Wen didn’t convey to him the positioning early in advance. He only shared with him when and where to move before showing him the specific place if they met.
“Has it been settled?” Zhou Wen remarked that An Sheng didn’t look satisfied.
He was somewhat completely different from what Zhou Wen experienced imagined. The identify ‘Lord Fourth’ sounded such as an elder, though the person Zhou Wen found was obviously a center-old man. He looked refined, turning it into impossible to your.s.sociate him with the phrase “lord.”
“I could only imagine a way to get over the search rankings, nevertheless i can’t assurance that the benefits will be great.” Zhou Wen didn’t desire this kind of situation to occur.
Zhou Wen understood this topic wasn’t effortless. Certain requirements of Lord Fourth weren’t high—he just required to jump on the search rankings. That wasn’t complicated.
“Do you might have any Luck Mate Beasts?” Zhou Wen questioned.
Zhou Wen acquired already tried out often in-online game. It had been not easy to arrive at the Wonderful Palace by relying solely on performance.
Following your League of Guardians, hardly any other pests inserted the search rankings.
“Alright. Deliver a listing of what you require.” Hui Haifeng didn’t deficiency income. He operated the Mythical Serum online business, and the Hui household was now among the most prosperous loved ones.
Zhou Wen knew that this issue wasn’t simple. The prerequisites of Lord Fourth weren’t high—he just required to hop on the search positions. That wasn’t hard.
“Do you have any Good fortune Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen expected.
Unfortunately, there seemed to be no reward for attaining the Gold Palace in-game, nor could he available the entrance. Zhou Wen wasn’t interested in this particular process. He still had to think of an effective way to crack the 7th bullet and get rid of the secret Calamity-quality being.
Zhou Wen was alarmed when he read that. During the past, he only was aware the fact that accelerator essential expended a lot of vigor. If not, it could be impossible for it to be that strong. Even so, he never anticipated that it is so pricey. Tens of thousands of Essence Crystals could basically be utilized for 50 % a shot. If they were to fire 2 or 3 pictures, the An family members would definitely go bankrupt.
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“Zhou Wen, what is the method to arrive at the Wonderful Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s information was very steer.
Lord Fourth agreed upon easily. Zhou Wen resolved time and place.
Truly the only good news was an Sheng plus an Tianzuo had finally sent back. Zhou Wen couldn’t relax in Overseer Manor eternally.
“Zhou Wen, is there a method to arrive at the Glowing Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s information was very strong.
Zhou Wen got already tried out many times in-activity. It had been hard to reach the Golden Palace by relying solely on pace.
“To standard people, it’s indeed a whole lot. Nevertheless, for the accelerator, the materials processed from hundreds and hundreds of crystals are simply enough for half a shot.”
Hui Haifeng sighed and stated, “Humans are critters that they like to address. They need to vie for every thing. With the Federation as being a strategy, they could still organize in various components. When this fig leaf has disappeared eventually and many types of edges drop out to vie for the ideal to rule, who do you think will suffer the most?”
Hui Haifeng didn’t send out any messages for the following 2-3 days and nights. It absolutely was probably as it was difficult to acquire Chance Mate Beasts. Whether or not other folks possessed one particular, they would hatch it themselves and seldom sell it off.
“Jing Daoxian?” Zhou Wen was alarmed as he read his tone of voice.
“In a means. We did locate an Heart and soul Crystal mine there, however the stores are usually much less than predicted. I reckon you can find only hundreds and hundreds of cubes,” An Sheng stated.

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